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6 Surprising Health Food Myths

6 Surprising Health Food Myths
April 06
12:23 2016

There’s so much information available today thanks to the internet. But as you probably already know, not everything you read is the truth.

With the influx of fad diets and trends, it’s becoming more difficult to decipher what is actually good for us. So with that in mind, we are breaking down the most common food misconceptions.

Granola is a healthy snack

Organic grocery stores always have aisles filled with granola and bars filled with these crunchy oats are often paired with active healthy individuals who love hiking in nature. However, granola has a ton of sugar and calories. To put things in perspective, just one cup of granola is a whopping 600 calories.

Almond milk is a better alternative to dairy milk

Dairy has been getting a bad rap lately and with that there has been a surge of cow milk alternatives. But, almond milk has only 2% almonds and no protein. All of the vitamins are added and are not from the nut naturally.

Taking a vitamin a day is a must

There is no sound research supporting that taking vitamins keeps you healthy. If you have a well-balanced diet, then you will get all of the nutrients you need without having to take supplements.

Coconut oil is better than olive oil

Both coconut oil and olive oil have the same fat and calorie content. Olive oil is actually better for you though because it has less saturated fats and healthy mono- or poly- unsaturated fats. Consuming too much saturated fats increases your risk of type-2 diabetes and can raise your cholesterol.

Agave nectar is better than white cane sugar

Agave nectar has another type of sweetener, fructose. This is the same thing in high-fructose corn syrup and recent studies have linked fructose with health problems such as heart disease. Even if something says “sugar free,” there is still some other artificial sweetener.

You need to detox

Your body already has two organs that naturally cleanse waste and chemicals that you ingest. Your kidneys remove the waste from your diet and your liver processes and detoxes any chemicals you consume.

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