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Why America Needs Transgender Health Reform

Why America Needs Transgender Health Reform
April 15
11:18 2016

A recently released report by the National Transgender Discrimination survey showed that over one-third of respondents put off seeking medical care due to the fear of being discriminated against by doctors. Another survey showed that the actual percentage was closer to two-thirds!

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported that transgender individuals are more likely to have HIV/STDs, poor mental health and victimization, so the need for healthcare is strong in this minority.

Because of these alarming statistics, medical institutions must focus on training their doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals on providing sensitive care to transgenders.

The Department of Labor has made progress towards banning discrimination against transgender individuals in the workplace, however there is still a long way to go in healthcare.

Medicine schools must adapt to educate the future doctors of our country on how to properly treat and provide care for transgender individuals, something that is currently missing from the curriculum. The National LGBT Health Education Center recently announced plans to provide online training in transgender health to medical institutions. Several big-name medical schools, including Vanderbilt University, have already incorporated LGBT health to their curriculum, a sign that things may be changing in the future for transgender people.




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