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Staying Active Keeps you Mentally Fit too!

Staying Active Keeps you Mentally Fit too!
April 08
14:04 2016

When you are stressed out, do you often feel tired? Or if you are achy, does this put you in a cranky mood? This is because your body and brain have been in a long-term relationship since you have been alive. If one is off, this is bound to influence the other.

So with that in mind, keeping your body active will not only improve your physical health, but it will have a positive impact on you mentally.

Reduces depression symptoms

Some doctors argue that exercise can be more effective to moderate depression than medication and other psychotherapies. When you are active, your body increases a brain protein known as BDNF that aids the growth of nerve fibers.

Helps with anxiety

It’s no secret that exercise is a stress reliever! But besides that, it also helps anxious individuals get used to feeling a rapid heartbeat. They can build a tolerance, making the brain’s system to fight anxiety more proactive and less reactive.

Makes you more focused

Don’t you often feel like you can conquer your day after a work-out? Well even individuals with ADHD, felt more focused post-work out. In a study, it showed that after working out for 20 minutes, people with ADHD had increased energy, were more focused and felt less fatigued, confused or depressed.

The power of yoga

Meditation is all about listening to your body. These exercises encourage you to connect your mental being to your physical one. Ongoing yoga practice is a proven stress reliever and will reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. This is often recommended to people with post-traumatic disorder and will often alleviate these symptoms almost completely.

Working out with someone will increase your self-esteem

Like working out with a partner? That makes sense because synchronizing your movement with someone else was proven in a recent study to improve your self-esteem. Not only that, it can also improve your relationship.

These all just prove how powerful the bond between your body and mind are. So if this doesn’t motivate you to stay active, we don’t know what will.

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