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Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer With These Tips

Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer With These Tips
December 27
10:46 2015

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer found among American men. The risk of developing this dangerous cancer increases as men age, so taking preventative steps to help reduce risk factors is important for men of all ages. Here are a few tips for preventing prostate cancer:

Choose red foods.
For years, doctors have advised men to increase intake of foods like tomatoes, which are rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. Men do not have to solely eat tomatoes to absorb this antioxidant, however. Lycopene is what makes foods like tomatoes and watermelon bright red, so next time you plan a meal, brighten things up with lycopene rich foods.

Stock up on leafy greens.
Many doctors believe the nutrients provided by leafy green vegetables may help reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. Why do these help? Green veggies contain a chemical compound that works to break down carcinogens in the body.

Have fish for dinner.
On top of these leafy greens and red foods, doctors recommend adding fish to your normal diet as well. Omega-3 fatty acids, commonly found in fish, has been shown to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer, as well as slowing the growth of existing prostate cancer tumors. Be sure to stick to fish that contain high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids, which include salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel and trout.

Stop smoking.
Smoking cigarettes cannot just cause lung cancer, but prostate cancer as well. For men already diagnosed with prostate cancer, smoking increases the risk of a reoccurrence of the disease. Studies show that prostate cancer can also increase the aggressiveness and seriousness of prostate cancer when it is developed, so call it quits! Smoking does absolutely no good to the body, so even if you’re not worried about prostate cancer, there are a number of other reasons why you should stop this disgusting habit.

Get moving.
Studies have shown that men with increased fat levels, especially around their abdomen, have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. Stay in shape by maintaining a consistent exercise routine that will help you shed the weight and keep it off for good.

No matter which lifestyle choices you decide to make to help reduce your prostate cancer risk, it’s always important to consult with a doctor. Discuss your family’s medical history as well as your own to determine how at risk you truly are. Your doctor will be able to give sound advice on what lifestyle changes are best for you to make.



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