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The Latest Celebrity Health Trends

The Latest Celebrity Health Trends
February 19
14:12 2016

Staying healthy is so much more than just staying physically fit. Are you hoping that 2016 is the year you become a healthier you, both mentally and physically?

Well, whether you are on a health kick in honor of the new year or you are always on the lookout for the latest health advice, here’s some health trends inspired by celebrities.

Plant-Protein Bowls

Quinoa, avocado, and kale, oh my! Meals in a bowl are combining all the nutrients we should be eating, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants and healthy fats. You will see more and more of these super food bowls popping up on menus this year. Chrissy Tiegan and Tory Burch are both fans of these nutritious bowls.


This is not necessarily a new trend, but since the beginning of the new year it has been on the rise. Barbara Walters and Oprah have boosted about mindfulness, which is to be self-aware of your feelings. Anderson Cooper is also a fan of meditation. You can either find a local guided meditation class or start making time in your day for 10 minutes to meditate on your own.

Waist Trainers

These have been around for years, but they continue to gain in popularity. This is partially attributed to the influx of celebrities sharing photos of themselves wearing these waist trainers on social media. You probably have seen the Kardashian sisters posting photos wearing these. These garments “train” your waist to be inches smaller. They are similar to a corset. But, if you are thinking of purchasing one of these, make sure to research the health risks. Using them for an extended time period can cause harm to your organs.

Digital Detox

It’s a fast-paced world and everyone seems to be glued to their phones. That’s why more people are taking digital breaks where they turn off their phones and disconnect from the digital world. Think about how many times you get distracted by a text or social media during work. Turning your smartphone on airplane mode is a great way to stay focused and avoid interruptions.

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