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Obama’s Amnesty Costing Citizens Their Jobs, Health

Obama’s Amnesty Costing Citizens Their Jobs, Health
February 02
09:13 2016

Obama Pits U.S. Citizens Against Illegal Aliens

Once again, President Obama makes it clear that he cares more about “citizens of the world” than he does about the American people.What’s even clearer … he cares more about his policies than he does about actual people.

As he promised, the president forced through amnesty for illegal aliens. He used an executive order to do it. Under this order, as many as 5 million people who came to this country illegally can now stay … under Obama’s protection. They can get work permits. For the next three years, they can work legally within the U.S.

What they can’t do is buy subsidized health insurance through the Obamacare exchanges. The amnestied aliens aren’t eligible.

That might sound like a good thing. But it pits these immigrants against American citizens for jobs … and it makes the immigrants more profitable to hire.

Here’s how it breaks down …

Obamacare + Executive Amnesty Costing U.S. Citizens Job Opportunities

Under Obamacare, any business that has more than 50 full-time equivalent employees must provide health coverage to their full-time employees. If they don’t, they’ll pay fines. A $2000 fine for each of their full-time employees. (They’ll receive an exemption for the first 30).

If any of their employees go to the exchanges to purchase healthcare, those fines get worse. For every employee that receives a government subsidy for healthcare, the employer’s fee can go as high as $3000.

But it’s different for the illegal aliens who now enjoy a legal work permit under Obama’s executive amnesty. Obamacare regulations don’t apply to them. So an employer that does not offer insurance to its full-time employees could avoid the Obamacare penalty fees by hiring protected illegal immigrants.

That’s up to a $3000 savings per employee.

The Public Health Consequences of Obama’s Decisions

Obama’s policies will take a real and dangerous toll on the health of millions. Both American citizens and those who are here illegally.

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The Obama administration claims his policies have lowered unemployment to 5.9%.  But there’s more to the story.

Even before the executive amnesty, real unemployment is higher than government officials let on. When you count people who want to work but have given up on the search, the unemployment numbers are far less rosy. And when you count people who are underemployed—working fewer hours that they need to get by—it gets even worse.

When you look at the full picture unemployment is closer to 11.5%. Almost double what the Obama administration has told us. Unemployment amongst young people fresh out of high school or college is above 18%. And unemployment for African American citizens is over 30%.

The executive amnesty will make these folks worse off. U.S. citizens who do not have a high level of education will find themselves in direct competition with unskilled labor from other countries.

Unemployment takes a big toll on a person’s health. In a study conducted in England, researchers proved this. They found that people who had experienced unemployment had a higher risk of heart disease. Their risk of cancer also went up. And their life expectancy went down. That’s a high individual cost and potentially a high public health cost, too. But Obama doesn’t care.

Obama’s amnesty plan compromises the health of our citizens in other ways, too.

Supporting illegal immigrants by giving them work permits but shutting them out of public healthcare plans can create a public health crisis. Large cities will be hardest hit. Especially those in Texas, California, and New York.

The situation puts these immigrants at higher risk of a variety of diseases because they won’t seek regular preventative care. They can’t afford it. Instead they’ll turn to the already-troubled emergency care system. Long wait times will get longer. Overcrowding in waiting rooms will get worse. That’s not good for anyone’s health.

Obama seems determined to wreck our healthcare system. But you don’t have to let him wreck your health. Most people who go to the emergency room don’t need to be there. They could be served just as well at an urgent care clinic.

Learn the options in your area for getting medical care for the unexpected. Then stay away from emergency rooms unless you’re facing a true threat to life or limb.


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