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Are Fitness and Health Apps Here to Stay?

Are Fitness and Health Apps Here to Stay?
January 24
12:49 2016

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports that there are around 100,000 aps dedicated to health and fitness. From the basics of counting calories and tracking steps to helping you quit smoking and plan your pregnancy, every health and fitness topic seems to be covered by these apps.

So, how well do these apps help users get into shape and live a healthier life? According to the report, the install rates are skyrocketing on apps in this field, but so are the uninstall rates. The key to success for any fitness app is consistency. A user must download the app and stay on top of its use in order for it to actually make an impact on your diet and exercise.

Although some medical professionals seem excited with the idea of people being more interested in getting in shape, others are wary of the science behind these apps, including Tamara St. Claire, chief innovation officer for the Xerox Commercial Healthcare who claims most of the apps are based on “flimsy science”.


What apps are being downloaded?

MyFitnessPal, an app with the largest food database, is by far the most popular fitness and health app around the world. As far as tracking apps go, the FitBit and Map My Run apps top the list for fitness, and Fooducate dominates the diet and food trackers.


Why are they being uninstalled?

Industry studies show that people don’t like the manual process of entering data that most of these apps require, and uninstall due to these tedious steps. Other findings from these studies show that many apps have hidden fees once they’re installed, or the user simply becomes uninterested with continuing on their journey to health and wellness.


How long will this trend last?

Many experts believe the next wave of popular apps will link patients directly with physicians, creating a world where medical data can be transported from patient to physician and back again, all through a smartphone!

Other apps, such as Livongo glucometer, will help patients track their blood glucose for long periods of time in order to more accurately report back to doctors at their next check-in.

With more of these apps on the horizon, it’s safe to say that the health and fitness industry is here to stay in the world of apps.


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