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The Negative Side Effects of Weight Loss

The Negative Side Effects of Weight Loss
August 28
09:51 2015

Sad_Man-300x200You’ve heard about the endless benefits of losing weight, but did you know that dropping pounds also comes with some weird side effects? If you’re planning to lose – or have already lost – a significant amount of weight, keep reading to learn about the potential side effects and what you can to do prepare.

Feeling lousy after dropping a significant amount of weight? A recent study by University College London shows that losing a large amount of weight may have a negative impact on mood. Of the 2,000 adults involved in the study, those who lost 5% or more of their body weight were nearly 80% more likely to suffer depression.

Scientists believe that depression arises after weight loss because we miss foods and behaviors that our new diet does not allow. You can fight post-weight loss depression by snacking on healthy foods, keeping yourself well rested, and reminding yourself of all the reasons you decided to lose weight (making a list helps).

Don’t expect to see 6-pack abs when you shed belly fat. Because skin stretches to accommodate extra pounds, those who lose weight are often left with loose skin. The amount of skin you have depends on age and how fast you lost the weight.

You can hide a small amount of loose skin by developing muscle, but unfortunately plastic surgery is the only way to completely eliminate that extra skin.

When an individual loses weight, the pollutants that were trapped in fat cells get released into the bloodstream. This toxin release can lead to headaches, sluggishness, and irritability. Minimize the amount of toxins in your body by eating as “clean” as possible.

Losing weight quickly can also lead to the formation of gallstones; hard lumps that can cause stomach pain, fever, and nausea. Instead of cutting out fat completely, include small amounts of fat in your diet to keep your gallbladder functioning properly.

While the upsides of weight loss far outweigh the potential health risks associated with obesity, a sudden drop in weight poses its own set of risks. Remember, switching over to a healthy lifestyle will be more successful long term than simply trying to starve yourself.


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