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Do Fitness Trackers Actually Make you Healthier?

Do Fitness Trackers Actually Make you Healthier?
March 11
10:09 2016

Fitness trackers are all the rage nowadays. With so many options on the market, including the FitBit, Apple Watch, Under Armour Band and Garmin Vivofit to name a few, it’s hard enough to select one. Then when you start to use it, you may be wondering if it really works or if it was a waste of money.

If you are feeling like your fitness tracker is not completely accurate, you are not alone. “I’ve seen certain pieces of fitness technology that will not only record your steps but record when you stand and sit, so I would say depending upon what you’re looking for there could be room for error based on the user’s needs,” said Clayton Lunney, Fitness Manager at Gold’s Gym Briargate, to Fox News.

Fox News decided to do a test to see how accurate these fitness trackers really are. They had someone take a three different trackers, including a clip-on digital pedometer, FitBit and an iPhone health app on a quarter mile walk as a test. The individual also counted their steps on the way.

The results were rather interesting. The actual counted steps taken was 855, while the FitBit recorded 270, iPhone health app said 480, and the pedometer was the most accurate with over 800 steps.

Although the test proved that the real number of steps is not accurate on these devices, it’s still motivates people to be more active. Most of these devices have apps that set goals to beat, like 10,000 steps. But again, don’t get caught up too much on the number, it’s probably not right.

Not to mention, tracking movements is not the only reason why people should be using these trackers. The heart rate reader is particularly helpful when exercising. You can measure if you are pushing yourself too far or if you can turn it up a notch. Depending on your age and weight, an aerobic zone is usually above 135 heart beats per minute, anaerobic zone is above 160, and maximum effort is above 180. Staying above 180 for extended periods is not recommended and could lead to damage.

The moral of the story is that fitness trackers are a great tool to help motivate you to achieve your health goals. However, it’s really up to you to be committed to a wellness regiment to get the results you want.

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