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6 Ways to Get Out of a Fitness Rut

6 Ways to Get Out of a Fitness Rut
March 11
10:11 2016

Ready to look and feel your best? If you’re not seeing results despite a consistent fitness routine and healthy eating habit, you may need to switch up your workout with some of these tips:


Try different times of day.

Good news for morning people! New research shows that working out first thing in the morning can help speed up weight loss and boost energy throughout the day. If you can’t face the thought of a morning workout, try switching up the times you do hit the gym. You never know what time of day will work best for you until you try a few out, so give it a go if you’re stuck in a rut.


Focus on small changes.

Don’t look to fad diets or quick schemes to shed the weight. Losing weight and getting in shape is about making a lifestyle change, so find a plan that will work well for you long-term. Don’t deprive yourself of everything you love, because there’s no way you’ll stick to that diet for more than a few weeks at the most. Start small by limiting sweets to one day a week or adding an extra spoonful of veggies at every meal.


Keep a diary.

Even people who claim to count calories have a habit of forgetting about the little things that add up throughout the day. A few packets of sugar in your coffee or a piece of candy off of a co-worker’s desk still count towards your calorie intake, so don’t write it off as if it didn’t happen. Focus on writing everything down so you can get a true idea of how much and what you’re eating everyday. The first step to making changes is to realize what the problem is, and a food diary will help do this.


Do more than cardio.

Many people who want to lose weight do cardio and only cardio, but they’re making a huge mistake. Switch up your routine by including yoga or weight training to build muscle which will help you burn more fat down the road.


Try intervals.

You don’t have to run a marathon to lose weight, just focus on ten minutes a day. Use these 10 minutes to practice interval training, a process where you adjust the speed and intensity of your workout every 30-45 seconds to keep your heart rate up. Research shows that after an interval workout is over, the body continues to burn fat for hours.


Don’t get discouraged.

Everyone will have off days or off months. If your schedule fills up for a few weeks and you can’t make it to the gym every time, don’t beat yourself up from it, just be sure to bounce back. As long as you recover from the down time, you’ll be fine in the long run.


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