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3 Easy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep up all Year

3 Easy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep up all Year
January 11
10:03 2016

The saying “new year, new me” is easier said than done. How many times have you started the year on a healthier note, but by the time February (or maybe even sooner…) comes around you are back to some of your poor habits?

Well, don’t beat yourself up! It’s all about taking those baby steps to create a healthy lifestyle that you can actually maintain. So here are 3 easy ways that you can slowly, but surely, add to your routine to get you on track to that better than ever you.

  1. Take a daily break.

With today’s digital fast world, it’s hard to find time to stop and smell the roses. But, you need it. We are not saying that you take more vacations, (which we are sure those can help too) but take a daily time out and do something that relaxes you. Whether, it’s taking a few deep breaths or a short walk outside, take some time to yourself to decompress. These breaks will actually end up making your day even more productive, so don’t think you are losing valuable time when taking your daily pause.

  1. Clean out that kitchen.

Take a look at your kitchen pantry (make sure you are not hungry when you do this, it will be easier…) and throw out that junk food. Then fill it up with healthier snacks, that you actually like. If you don’t like carrots, it’s unlikely you are going to all of the sudden love them. Find healthy snacks that you enjoy eating. Snacks that will call your name when you see them. Continue to reevaluate this pantry every so often. You may have to do some occasional cleaning to keep it up.

  1. Have more fun with your work outs.

If you aren’t much of a fitness guru, that’s okay! Think about what you like doing that is active. Is it golf? Or bike riding? If you are competitive, maybe try a group work-out class. It’s already hard to stay motivated to work out regularly; that’s why it should be something you like doing. It’s easy to work fitness into your routine when it’s already a passion.

So there you have it. 3 New Year’s Resolutions you can actually keep up all year! Although, they might not make you a “new you,” it’s a you that will certainly feel better and healthier.

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